Surrey Connect Team

Brenda Locke

As a City Councillor and former MLA and provincial Cabinet Minister, Brenda has been tirelessly serving the community for decades. Living in Surrey with her children and grandchildren, she is driven to celebrate all Surrey has to offer and bring much needed change to the leadership in City Hall.

Pardeep Kooner

Pardeep’s goal for the City of Surrey is to ensure that the residents of Surrey have a fiscal budget and plan that focuses on growth for the city and what is best for the residents of Surrey. With over 20 years of experience in accounting Pardeep’s background will provide the Surrey Connect team with a better understanding of the fiscal future.

Ramona Kaptyn

Ramona Kaptyn has extensive experience in management, communications, public relations, sales & marketing, staff training & development, education, and fundraising in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Results-oriented, high-energy, creative, and innovative, she is a recognized manager of projects, events, and people.

Rochelle Prasad

In her role as a councillor, Rochelle will continue to be passionate about building sustainable communities. She will be a welcome breath of fresh air in Surrey’s council chambers. She is a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal advocate, with strong experience in project management, entrepreneurship, and community engagement work.

Sebastian Sajda

My primary speciality is in the environment, meaning both in confronting the climate crisis and in the conservation of the environment. As a younger person, I really want to make a difference when it comes to affordable housing and the communities that facilitate them.