Surrey Connect Pause

Pause Non-essential Work

Notice of Motion  by Councillor Brenda Locke  

Ruled Out of Order by Mayor McCallum

                                                                                               April 6, 2020

Essential Services

Whereas:  The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a State of Emergency call by the Province of British Columbia; and

Whereas:  The City of Surrey’s Senior Management Team is now working as part of the Emergency Operations Center to manage the pandemic; and

Whereas: Now is the time to support financial and emotionally our EOC and all of our essential front-line workers, including first responders like police, fire and bylaws; and

Whereas:  The COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to seriously impact the budget and human resources of our city, our province and our country; and

Whereas:  COVID-19 has put immeasurable hardship on Surrey residents, families and businesses; and

Whereas:  No one knows the impact that COVID19 will have on our economy.  But we do know that the impact will be significant and every business model will have to go through a complete re-calibration about how they will survive and managing their cash flow.   Every single business will be looking at how to conserve cash and not spending on any capital projects; and 

Whereas:  There has not been accurate or transparent accounting or access to budget information on the city’s largest project – the police transition; and 

Whereas: The economic reality and outlook has dramatically changed for residents, businesses and government now and into the foreseeable future; and

Therefore Be it resolved that:  Given the staff and financial resources required to respond and manage the COVID-19 Emergency, all non-essential project work that require City of Surrey expenditures, other than regular maintenance of city assets, be paused until we have a better understanding of the fiscal implications that COVID-19 will have on the City’s resources and our ability for economic recovery. This motion includes but is not limited to the police transition.