It’s Accountability Time

An Opportunity from the BC Liberal Official Opposition Party

The Legislature is resuming on June 22, Andrew Wilkinson and the BC Liberals need your help to know what issues they should raise during the legislative session.


You can suggest a question for Question Period next week

McCallum’s Police Force certainly needs a rethink. This can and should be the number one issue in the legislative session. Help make it happen.


Let’s get McCallum’s Police Force to the top of the provincial agenda

We have three suggested questions below – with preambles – like they do in Question Period.

Feel free to post your own question or copy and paste one of the three questions below.



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Preamble 1

Minister of Labour Harry Bains, MLA for Surrey-Newton stated “There has to be transparency, there has to be accountability,” Bain’s said. “People need to know what the impact will be, both financially and security-wise and safety-wise, and how the transition will take place. I think it is up to the City of Surrey to explain to the people of Surrey, and answer all those questions in a transparent way, and then I’m expecting that every citizen expects that. I hope the City of Surrey will listen to those concerns and questions, and answer their questions.”


Suggested Question 1: Given this – when and how will the Province hold McCallum Accountable?



Preamble 2

Peter German stated “I was hearing, “A lot of misinformation or lack of information.

Also among his concerns: taxpayers will be on the hook for more than with the RCMP.

“There’s a 10 percent subsidy right off the top with the federal government. So Surrey would lose that,” there are also the costs associated with recruiting and training, not to mention offering a higher salary to be competitive enough to attract officers. “It’s a huge, huge undertaking.”


Suggested Question 2: How much extra is it going to cost to replace the RCMP with a Surrey Police Force? Please include both the transition costs and the increased operating costs for a police force of the same size? 



Preamble 3

The National Police Federation commissioned  A recent Pollara survey of Surrey residents and found that:

  • 83% agree now is not the time to put Surrey taxpayers’ money towards a policing scheme.
  • 90% say Mayor and Council should take a step back to evaluate spending plans to focus on residents’ most urgent priorities, including:
    • Maintaining core services like fire, police, garbage pickup
    • Providing support for seniors and vulnerable citizens who are at higher risk to COVID-19


Suggested Question 3: With the overwhelming majority of Surrey residents opposed to the Policing Transition in survey after survey why won’t the government stand up and protect the people of Surrey?



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