Hey Doug - it's Time for Fairness & Balance

If McCallum can freeze all new complaints and investigations by the Surrey ethics commissioner until after the municipal election on October 15, 2022

AND hire an expensive lawyer to delay his criminal trial until after the election.


limit the tidal wave of bad press about himself and his Safe Surrey Coalition (SSC) slate on council.

Then – to be fair – the City should stop producing and paying for videos designed to prop up McCallum’s image.

This clearly is an abuse of powers and the resources of Surrey taxpayers.

All video production featuring McCallum and devoted SSC councillors plus the upcoming State of the City address should be immediately halted. It’s about fairness and balance.

When public money is being used, citizens deserve to know the full picture. Not just the side Doug McCallum wants you to see.

Add your voice to the protest by filling out the form below and then the above email will be automatically sent to City Hall on your behalf.

It’s time to stop the madness.

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