Doug McCallum's should pay back his legal fees

Doug, we’re coming after you to for your legal fees

Surrey Connect Warns McCallum, Announces Good Governance Policies Surrey, BC: Surrey Connect Leader and mayoral candidate Brenda Locke announces policy of recovering legal fees for Doug McCallum’s criminal defense case and cleaning up ethics at city hall. From the scene of McCallum’s alleged crime one year ago, Locke advises, “Doug, I’m warning you to be …

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Locke on CKNW - 60,000 seat stadium

A 60,000 seat stadium? Get real.

Here is my interview with Mike Smyth on CKNW. https://dcs.megaphone.fm/CORU7361334369.mp3?key=34e88b9100e0d894f8c6a4f342479ca2&fbclid=IwAR1iNrjklljGeZqM09eayq3xpLu6mUObQFteiTu-lIgMT6yiXRmgtKNrgas  

Farmland & Habitat Common Sense

Brenda Locke brings an interesting perspective to the controversy surrounding the federally owned farmland in Campbell Heights. A few facts have been left out of the discussion – up until now. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 24, 2022 The future of 300 acres of precious farmland and wildlife habitat hangs in the balance in Surrey’s Campbell …

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Surrey Mayor Controversy: a Former Mayor Speaks Up

“… people are totally cut out from being engaged in council business, and that’s regrettable.” Gloria Macarenko: [00:00:00] Well Surrey’s Mayor Doug McCallum just keeps on fighting through the storm of controversy surrounding Surrey Council this week. Controversy that some say is self-created. Mayor McCallum announced yesterday that he will be absent as chair of …

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McCallum Must Step Down

SURREY CONNECT CALLS FOR McCALLUM TO STEP DOWN AFTER YET ANOTHER BOMBSHELL FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 23 May 2022 @ SURREY, BC. Globa BC reported new facts in the ongoing scandal involving Mayor Doug McCallum and his actions that led to him being charged with Public Mischief by police.  On May 20, 2022, Global BC obtained …

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