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Brenda Locke

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The future for the City of Surrey is bright, but it is going to take some real leadership to get the great results we all deserve. Our residents have the enthusiasm and the energy and they are ready to see their city grow into the future.


First, we have to take care of our infrastructure. Our road network, in particular, is in poor shape and needs much better maintenance. Some of our civic buildings are also in disrepair. We need to protect our existing assets.

Surrey is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada and we already don’t have enough recreation centres, swimming pools, ice rinks and parks.

Housing is another huge challenge that is facing all Metro Vancouver cities. Surrey residents need housing that is affordable and manageable. We need to see projects like the Harmony get built. It was heartbreaking to see the previous majority on council vote that much-needed project down.

Housing is such a massive challenge and Surrey can’t tackle it alone. We need to work with non-government organizations, private sector businesses, the province and the federal government to find solutions. Having said that, there is also much that City Hall can do on its own. Surrey can be a leader and we can also learn from others. Housing will always be top of mind for Surrey Connect.

Surrey also needs to fully embrace diversity, not just in words, but in real terms and real actions. We need to commit to it and work to deliver the type of city we all want to live in.

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