MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                            December 10th, 2021 The report of Special Prosecutor Fowler has delivered very disturbing and concerning allegations of Mischief against Mayor Doug McCallum. This report is a damning inditement of behaviour that is completely unacceptable for a Mayor or any elected official for that matter Mr. McCallum must immediately recuse …

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Brenda LOCKE keeps the pressure on McCallum.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, October 22, 2021 Councillor Brenda Locke Will Continue Pursuing Notice of Motions Surrey, B.C.: Brenda Locke will continue pursuing her Notice of Motions from Surrey Council meetings of September 13 and October 18. The September 13 Notice of Motion concerns Laurie Guerra, ostensibly acting as proxy for Mayor McCallum, reading into the …

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PODCAST: Sept 27th Council Meeting Recap

Topics-   Banning Surrey residents from Council meetings   Stop Work Orders   Sept 30 National Day of Truth and Reconciliation   RCMP retro pay   Referendum signing   5 Council meetings left before 2022   SkyTrain – always a 10 yr project

Elect Brenda LOCKE for Mayor

Brenda LOCKE Surrey Connect Mayor Candidate 2022 Surrey Resident and Volunteer For 39 years Brenda Locke and her husband John, along with their kids and now grandkids, have enjoyed all that Surrey has to offer, from its parks and sports fields to recreational facilities and arts & cultural events. She has volunteered in many capacities …

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