McCallum’s Property Tax Increase is NOT 2.9%

Surry Propert Taxes

McCallum and his 4 ‘Safe’ Surrey Councillors promised a 2.9% property tax increase for 2022, but for most people, it’s turning out to be much more than that. This is the third year in a row McCallum and his councillors Laurie Guerra, Doug Elford, Mandeep Nagra, and Allison Patton have said 2.9% and delivered much higher increases.

They are not afraid to reach into your pocketbook.

They should have at least given fair notice so people could budget.

As we’ve also seen recently on Global BC the Safe Surrey Coalition seems to have a real problem telling the truth. Recently released documents leave little room for doubt about their integrity.

Below is a Facebook ad they ran after the budget was past showing themselves as fiscal manager.

While McCallum, Elford, Guera, Nagra and Patton advertised they were the lowest now that you have your tax bill you can see that Surrey is likely the highest. They will never admit their mistake because they live in their own world.

This is also a good time to remind you of their other recent budget scandal. The ‘Safe’ Surrey Coalition majority delayed and delayed the public hearing until Christmas Eve. Then after the residents who wanted to speak were heard council was supposed to go into a closed meeting to debate the citizens’ input.

BEFORE THE DELIBERATIONS EVEN STARTED a press release was sent out by the City saying the budget passed without any changes! Obviously, McCallum’s Safe Surrey Coalition did not have any intention of taking any input from the citizens. This budget was built in the backroom and sold to citizens as 2.9% and now you pay.

Done With Doug?

19 thoughts on “McCallum’s Property Tax Increase is NOT 2.9%”

  1. The lies, deceit, lack of transparency and wacky ideas continue with Mr. McCallum. My residential property taxes increased 32% this year! Needless to say I am fuming; outraged. And has been stated by a number of politicians at other levels: ‘He doesn’t listen to anyone’. The fact is he treats Surrey as his personal kingdom. He and his 4 voting ‘bots are incompetent managers, but have complete control of city business for 600,000 residents wrapped up. An undemocratic mess for sure. His record on environmental issues is abysmal. His group has got to go before we pass the point of no recovery. Surrey Connect has the best chance to kick this guy out and bring some sanity back to the city.

  2. We have arrived in a new era with some politicians where to repeat a lie unceasingly is the equivalent of the truth. I am afraid Mayor McCullum has little regard for transparency or for truth telling. Get ready for the backup of waste in the underfunded infrastructure like his last tour in office. Unfortunately, voters have short memories and only faint recall of published data with gut emotions fielding their choice of candidates. We truly do get the leadership we deserve.

  3. Was disappointed with the anti-SCC turnout at the last council meeting Debi Johnston was supposed to speak but don’t think she did. Most ppl had white Surrey Police shirts. The volume was so low I could barely make out 40 % of what the speakers said I wasn’t feeling good and left after 45 minutes. I plan to vote for Breda Locke, Jack Hundial,
    Sebastian Sajda for sure.

    1. My property taxes are up 7% the year before 9.9% despite McCallum saying it would be a 2.9% and Mark Mydryga of Global being paid by Surrey taxpayers to make a video saying that.

  4. Forgot to add – my house is 1100 s/f, built in the early ’50’s. Not some spanking new megalithic structure, just has the ‘sin’ of being on 5 acres.

  5. Two years ago my monthly tax payments were $500. My latest tax notice states installments going forward after July 2nd will be $1,130.00. That’s *NOT* a typo; but that *IS* the thanks I get for living on the Langley/Surrey border, with NO access to TransLink, NO parks and/or community services, NO nearby schools…and god knows what the four figure charge for “General” means.

    Guess our exalted mayor needs the upkeep on his legal bills paid somehow!

  6. Kathleen Smith

    My property taxes quite literally DOUBLED. But the city is installing bike lane barriers and planters while ignoring the myriad of potholes that geet worse by the day There is NO justification for any of this.

    1. My property taxes overall have only gone up 1.2% in the last 4 years. The Capital parcel tax has however gone up 33%. According to McCallum that was implemented for funding recreation and cultural infrastructure. Including Newton community center, Cloverdale sport and ice complex and the Bearcreek park athletics center. None of which has yet to open. Cloverdale sport and ice center is still the pile of dirt that it was when McCallum took office. Where has that money gone?

  7. So true, it is way up…..2.9% my ass! I am paying $40 more a month and also owe on my balance. Thx Dougie and your 4 puppets.

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