Hey Doug – Do the Right Thing

Brenda LOCKE’s

Notice of Motion

  Municipal Statutes Amendment Act


Whereas Bill 20, the Municipal Affairs Statutes Amendment Act, 2022, received 3rd reading May 3,2022 and awaits Royal Ascent.

And whereas Bill 20 amends the Community Charter, the Local Government Act, The Vancouver Charter, and other consequential statutes.

And whereas the Act now states that locally elected officials charged with a criminal offence are required to take leave of absence from the date of being charged until the legal proceedings are concluded.

And whereas the amendments will have a profound and long-lasting effect on the integrity of local government

And whereas the mayor (Doug McCallum) is charged with the Criminal offence of Public Mischief,

And whereas the charges remain before the Court.

Therefore, be it resolved that, Council be advised in clear and unequivocal terms, the impact of the mayor being required to take leave of absence from Council’s responsibilities in assuming the duties otherwise required of the Mayor. Those duties include but are not limited to the Mayor’s obligations on the Metro Vancouver Board and its committees, Translink’s Mayors Council, Chairmanship of the Police Board, participation in Provincial and National Municipal Associations, as well as representing the City internationally, and representing and speaking as the Mayor or on behalf of Council, or the City on any other matter.

LOCKE’s Notice of Motion passed 4 – 3 with Brenda Locke, Jack Hundial, Stephen Pettigrew, and Linda Annis in favour. To no one’s surprise opposed were Allison Patton, Laurie Guerra, and Mandeep Nagra. Doug Elford was absent.

It will be brought back for discussion and a second vote at the council meeting on May the 30th. No doubt McCallum will once again try to sidestep the consequences of his actions, but it is time for him to step aside and stop embarrassing the city.

8 thoughts on “Hey Doug – Do the Right Thing”

  1. I have sent all 4 of the barking seals a email asking them to abstain on the next vote on whether McCallum should take an absence while awaiting trial.


    As a taxpaying Surrey citizen, I request and urge you, that at the
    Council Meeting scheduled for May 30, you either abstain or vote in
    favour of Ms. Locke’s motion calling for Mayor McCallum to take a
    leave of absence and stand down from all Civic duties and obligations
    in the City of Surrey until the legal proceedings are concluded – this
    in terms of Municipal Statutes Amendment Act Bill 20-2022.

    An interesting thing happened at City Council on Monday – Brenda
    Locke brought forward a motion for next meeting for McCallum to step
    aside as mayor because of his criminal charge and which McCallum
    immediately ruled out of order, but the notice of motion passed 4 to 3
    as Pettigrew was back, McCallum was
    ineligible to vote because it concerned him. However, at the next
    meeting if all councillors are present, the vote is expected to be 4
    to 4 which means it will be defeated and McCallum will win again. I
    will be sending a letter to each of the Safe Surrey Coalition
    councillors to abstain or vote for the motion to force McCallum to
    step aside.

    [email protected];
    [email protected];
    [email protected];
    [email protected];

  2. Catherine Webb

    Step out Doug ! You are obviously inept as a Mayor. With the criminal charges against you, you MUST step out !! I am a tax paying resident of Surrey, I have no faith in you whatsoever !! Step out, step aside Mayor McCallum ! You are nothing but an embarrassment to the residents of Surrey !

  3. “Mayor” Douglas McCallum needs to resign PERMANENTLY & let somebody in who will actually do the job CORRECTLY!!! Do the right thing, resign & PAY YOUR OWN LEGAL EXPENSES!!!! You were NOT doing anything in an “official capacity”…..you were a REGULAR CITIZEN on the day you LIED ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED. Quit passing the buck & expecting the little guy to pay for you. Don’t like it??? RETIRE FROM POLITICS PERMANENTLY!!!!

  4. Tammy Cranston

    Time for our Mayor to do the right thing for all Surrey residents by stepping down! My vote in the next municipal election will definitely not be for Doug McCallum. His actions have shown exactly what type of person he is and it’s not one of good character. Time to go!!

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