PODCAST: Surrey Council Meeting Recap – April 12th

2 thoughts on “PODCAST: Surrey Council Meeting Recap – April 12th”

  1. Thank you, Surrey Connect for exposing all the shenanigans that have gone on behind the scenes at City Hall these past four years. It’s been a rocky time for all of us. What kind of politician blocks citizens from filing a complaint to the Ethics Commissioner? A power hungry bully with no conscience. There’s no way our current Mayor will ever give it up willingly, unless he gets voted out of office. Time to clean out all the useless garbage in City Hall. I encourage everyone to do the right thing and vote for Surrey Connect.

  2. Does this mean if someone has a complaint or enquiry regarding the conduct of a member of Surrey City Hall they cannot file it with the Ethics Commissioner until after the election? Could they not file it with the Ethics Commissioner for the Province since the municipal one is closed? This is absurd that nobody is being held accountable/responsible for their actions during the upcoming election. We have all seen the slanderous comments coming from the Safe Surrey Coalition when they were not legally allowed to advertise.

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