South Campbell Vote Jan 28th, 2022

Media Release Jan 28th. 2022

Metro Vancouver Vote – Little Campbell River Watershed

“Thank you to the Directors of Metro Vancouver that took the time to listen to the people
and understand the potentially devastating impact that collapsing this urban containment
boundary would have not only on the environment but also the aquifers that deliver clean
water to thousands of residents in the region.”
Brenda Locke

The portion of this industrial development that is in the Little Campbell River Watershed
should have – and could have – been scaled back and replaced with additional industrial
zoning elsewhere in the City. You simply can’t move an ecosystem like this one.
It is time for a healthy public engagement process with a focus on the balance between
ecological and industrial land.

Surrey Connect believes that solutions are available and the expectations of the residents
and the needs of our business community cab both be met.

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