McCallum – Ethics? __ Who needs them?



January 28, 2022


The by-law amendment pertaining to the Surrey Ethics Commissioner to stop investigating any new allegations of wrongdoing by Council members that is being introduced at Monday’s Council meeting is an insult to Surrey residents.

This is not the time for Surrey residents to be shut out from another process. With Mayor McCallum before the courts charged for Public Mischief, this is not the time to stop taking in complaints from the public.

Councillor Hundial, who ran on and introduced the Surrey Ethics Commissioner Office (SECO) to Council says “This was to create transparency and confidence in local government. This was to serve the public’s interest and not to shield elected officials. SECO is there to provide education and guidance to elected officials and balance the concerns of the public when they observe wrongdoing of their elected officials.

We really created something for others to follow, such as the City of Vancouver with their Integrity Office. By suspending the intake of complaints until the election in October, this gives a wide margin for the public to lose further confidence in McCallum and his majority on Council.”


Councillor Locke: “This vote will take place on January 31, 2022 at 7:00 pm in Surrey Public Council. Almost every day we from residents concerned about the actions of Surrey Council.  The Ethics Commissioner fills a much-needed role in our city.”



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