Concerns Regarding the Police Consultation Process

The opinions expressed are our own and do not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of the City of Surrey or other members of Surrey Council.

Councillors Hundial and Locke have no trust and therefore will not be participating in the Surrey Police Service Community Consultation Process. We have and always are prepared to communicate our thoughts and concerns specific to the proposed Surrey Police Service.

However, in light of the recent issues raised in the media regarding previous work conducted for the Vancouver Police Department by the same firm (link attached), we no longer feel comfortable participating in this process. We do not support the withholding or destruction of materials compiled pertaining to public opinion.

Follow this link to the full article

Quote from the article:

“Curt Griffiths, a researcher who contributed to the Pyxis report, defended destroying the notes and refusing to co-operate with investigators, citing “research ethical guidelines.”

“But deputy complaint commissioner Andrea Spindler said Pyxis’s destruction of notes and other aspects of the review were “certainly concerning enough for us to to make that recommendation” to the B.C. director of police services, … for review”

We are and will always support a truthful, transparent and frank dialogue on this issue, but do not believe that will be achieved with this process. The importance of this process cannot be understated as it is critical in the development of any policing model and ultimately public safety in the City of Surrey.

There has been a demonstrated history with the city’s original consultation process that did not accurately reflect public opinion.  We are concerned that this process is going down a similar pre-determined path.


Cllr. Hundial

Cllr. Locke

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