PODCAST: May 10th Council Meeting Recap

The opinion expressed is my own and does not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of the City of Surrey or other members of Surrey Council.

Review of the 3 presentations
Save Bear Creek
A great factual presentation from Deb Jack and Sebastian Sajda
2:20 – Land Use Applications
4:20 – Regular Council
  • Land sale concerns
  • Concerns about transparency
9:50 – Proclamation for the RCMP’s 70 years serving Surrey
10:30 – Corporate Reports
  • Youth Environmental Programs
  • Super Chef Society
  • Elimination of Plastic Bags
  • Secondary Suites
16:00 – Financial Report
17:00 – Motion regarding municipal tax payment extensions
19:30 – Gang violence and no new RCMP officers in Surrey
  • The focus on the new force is taking resources away
  • This is not the time for the SPS

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