PODCAST: November 9th Council Meeting Recap

development in Surrey

PODCAST: November 9th Council Meeting Recap

The opinions expressed are our own and do not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of the City of Surrey or other members of Surrey Council.

1:00 Intro
1:15 Delegations
11:00 Land Use
12:00 Thank you to concerned citizens
13:30 Mayors conduct
16:00 Politics of Division
20:00 where is the economic development plan?
22:00 Mayor fumbles again
26:00 Cllr Guerra…. wring again
27:00 SCDC
29:00 Land Development
31:00 Economic Renewal – needs to be a priority
35:00 upcoming budget… already borrowing 212 M
36:30 Protecting Infrastructure
38:00 Remembrance Day
40:00 Closing comments  – stay safe and thankful

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