PODCAST: July 27th Council Meeting Recap

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PODCAST: July 27th Council Meeting

July 28, 2020

00:20 – Technical difficulties was really a noisy Keep the RCMP in Surrey Rally outside

01:20 – McCallum’s rude behavior as the meeting chair

02:45 – National Police Federation Marketing the reality of the transition costs

03:50 – Surrey Police Board Meets for secret training on July 25th

4:30 – Corporate Reports – a bit about what they are and how they set direction for the city.

06:30 – Recreation facility cancellations

07:30 – Staff layoffs and other cuts

09:20 – Discussion about McCallum wrongly disallowing Notices of Motions regarding COVID.

12:00 – Surrey Development Corp & Surrey Homeless & Housing Society boards being shut down and brought into McCallum devotee control.

15:30 – Cost penalty for switching to SkyTrain and other related mysteries.

17:00 – Rapid Transit on the King George Corridor.

18:30 – Surrey Economic Action & Recovery Plan

20:30 –  The perils of Peer Reviewing

21:20 – Surrey applied for a Canada Infrastructure Grant for the Grandview area.

22:50 – Good Citizen of the Year Award

24:00 – Opioid Crisis

26:30 – McCallum’s bullying of Stephen Pettigrew on environmental issues

27:30 – Safe Surrey proposes a ward system for Surrey

29:40 – Shenanigans around Jack Hundial’s Notice of Motion on re-opening our ice arenas.

31:15 – The 43 Million dollar Recreation Centre sitting closed because of the police transition

32:10 – Brenda Locke’s Notice of Motion on systemic racism in Surrey received support from all of council.


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