PODCAST: July 27th Council Meeting Recap

PODCAST: July 27th Council Meeting

The opinions expressed are our own and do not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of the City of Surrey or other members of Surrey Council.
July 28, 2020

00:20 – Technical difficulties was really a noisy Keep the RCMP in Surrey Rally outside

01:20 – McCallum’s rude behavior as the meeting chair

02:45 – National Police Federation Marketing the reality of the transition costs

03:50 – Surrey Police Board Meets for secret training on July 25th

4:30 – Corporate Reports – a bit about what they are and how they set direction for the city.

06:30 – Recreation facility cancellations

07:30 – Staff layoffs and other cuts

09:20 – Discussion about McCallum wrongly disallowing Notices of Motions regarding COVID.

12:00 – Surrey Development Corp & Surrey Homeless & Housing Society boards being shut down and brought into McCallum devotee control.

15:30 – Cost penalty for switching to SkyTrain and other related mysteries.

17:00 – Rapid Transit on the King George Corridor.

18:30 – Surrey Economic Action & Recovery Plan

20:30 –  The perils of Peer Reviewing

21:20 – Surrey applied for a Canada Infrastructure Grant for the Grandview area.

22:50 – Good Citizen of the Year Award

24:00 – Opioid Crisis

26:30 – McCallum’s bullying of Stephen Pettigrew on environmental issues

27:30 – Safe Surrey proposes a ward system for Surrey

29:40 – Shenanigans around Jack Hundial’s Notice of Motion on re-opening our ice arenas.

31:15 – The 43 Million dollar Recreation Centre sitting closed because of the police transition

32:10 – Brenda Locke’s Notice of Motion on systemic racism in Surrey received support from all of council.


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