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Brenda Locke: Notice of Motion                                                                                                    April 6, 2020

Essential Services

Whereas:  The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a State of Emergency call by the Province of British Columbia; and

Whereas:  The City of Surrey’s Senior Management Team is now working as part of the Emergency Operations Center to manage the pandemic; and

Whereas: Now is the time to support financial and emotionally our EOC and all of our essential front line workers, including first responders like police, fire and bylaws; and

Whereas:  The COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to seriously impact the budget and human resources of our city, our province and our country; and

Whereas:  COVID-19 has put immeasurable hardship on Surrey residents, families and businesses; and

Whereas:  There has not been accurate or transparent accounting or access to budget information on the city’s largest project – the police transition; and

Whereas: The economic reality and outlook has dramatically changed for residents, businesses and government now and into the foreseeable future; and


Therefore Be it resolved that:  Given the staff and financial resources required to respond and manage the COVID-19 Emergency, all non-essential project work that requires City of Surrey expenditures, other than regular maintenance of city assets, be paused until we have a better understanding of the fiscal implications that COVID-19 will have on the City’s resources and our ability for economic recovery. This motion includes but is not limited to the police transition.

This motion was ruled out of order by Doug McCallum

His ruling was challenged

Safe Surrey Coalition Councillors Elford, Guerra, Nagra and Patton all dutifully voted against the challenge  – as requested of them by Doug McCallum – meaning this motion by Brenda Locke will not be debated and discussed.

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