Call for more Communication and more Action to protect Surrey Residents

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MEDIA RELEASE                                  March 23, 2020

Call for more Communication and more Action to protect Surrey Residents

SURREY: To date, up to 7 of our requests for information have not been adequately responded to. The citizens of Surrey need to be better informed in this time of crisis and Surrey City Hall needs to do a better job of getting out critical information.

Despite requests for a Special Council meeting, we have not had a response or acknowledgement of our concerns. Other leaders in cities such as Richmond, Vancouver, Langley and others have had or are having meetings to address residents’ concerns and have effective communications in place during this crisis.

We are asking for an immediate Emergency Council Meeting as soon as possible. It should be live-streamed to the public as soon as possible.

Surrey residents have concerns, such as the immediate action to close down apparatuses in parks as COVID-19 can stay on surfaces where the virus is spread. There is a need for clearer guidelines and instructions.  As other cities pass new enforcement measures, so should the City of Surrey.

During times of crisis, transparency is our friend and Surrey residents need reassurance that all appropriate steps are being taken.


Councillor Brenda Locke 604-340-8607Paragraph

Councillor Jack Hundial 604-340-9561    

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