Say NO to McCallum’s Police

Surrey Police

Now is the time to speak up.

Sign up and send the email (below) protesting McCallum’s poor handling of the Surrey policing issue.

Doug McCallum is trying to silence the public’s feedback and ram through his police force. It’s his pet project. Surrey needs a referendum on this issue. Particularly given McCallum’s recent erratic behaviour. 

As concerned citizens we all need to forward the email below to let Minister Farnsworth and Premier Horgan know that there are better options than McCallum’s Surrey Police Force, AND we need to do it now!

The RCMP should get adequate funding to do their job. We need to properly resource the RCMP and direct them to take a proactive approach to crime prevention in Surrey.

Public Safety is important – we need an open, transparent process, with real public input, to build a safe community for everyone.

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