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Let’s be honest

For the second year in a row, Doug McCallum and his 4 Safe Surrey Coalition (SSC) Councillors voted against improving public safety.

NO NEW RCMP RESOURCES:   PASS – The 2020 budget reminds everyone that McCallum and the four Councillors Guerra, Patton, Nagra and Elford supported no increase to RCMP resources in a growing city. In the campaign they never said would and they didn’t. McCallum’s SCC successfully delivers on making Surrey a less safe community.

FIXING SURREY ROADS: X FAIL – The 1% Road Levy Tax that was removed in the last budget was not added back this year. This levy was to be used to help repair existing roads, build safer roads and bike lanes. Easing traffic congestion is what Surrey voters asked for.  In the long run, this will cost Surrey Taxpayers in road repairs. – X SCC Fail

SKYTRAIN TO CLAYTON:  X FAIL – As a past chair of the TransLink Mayors Council, McCallum promised Surrey voters he knew what he was doing and could get all 16.5 km of the Expo Line Skytrain to Langley for the available funding of $1,600,000,000. He failed in his math and can only get 7 km of the line built with the available funds. The line ends in the middle of Fleetwood. As of yet, McCallum has made no apology for missing the mark by  $1,900,000,000. He even failed to negotiate reductions to the $42,000,000 that Surrey now has to pay TransLink.  – X McCallum Huge Fail

BASEMENT SUITE OWNERS:  X FAIL – $3,100,000 new fees will be generated by increasing the basement fees that will put those who are vulnerable in housing options under more pressure as landlords are faced with either increasing rents or paying the fee increase from their own pockets. At a time when we are trying to create affordable housing, this will only increase the cost of housing for those that can least afford it.  This is money needed to fund their unpopular police force but Councillor Nagra, a Delta resident, stated this week “I believe people (in Surrey) are ready to pay”. – X Fail

NO NEW STAFF:  X FAIL – for the second year in a row, Surrey will not have any staffing increases – anywhere. The budget clearly states that this is not a sustainable model. This will lead to even higher wait times in all areas of citizen services such as Planning. More delays mean extra costs that always get passed on to Surrey home buyers. Delays also mean people will be waiting longer for new rentals units and low-income housing. This is not what SCC promised in the election.  – X SCC Fail

PARKING REVENUE:  X FAIL – The new Parking Enforcement Team in Bylaws that was just created to get more revenue from the unsuspecting public. It is focused on making up for the revenue shortfalls in the budget by introducing a new process for quicker fine collections that is more efficient in not only issuing fines, but collecting them as well.  –    X Fail

DRIVING BUSINESS OUT OF SURREY:  X FAIL – by increasing business taxes substantially in a community where most of our businesses are small businesses is going to make operating a business in Surrey unaffordable. These are mostly family businesses, located in Newton and South Surrey. These same business owners are facing a residential tax increase, a business tax increase and an increase in fees for City services such as permits.

This is not surprising as neither Councillors Nagra nor Patton, who are the only Safe Surrey Coalition business owners and they live outside of Surrey. Who would think this is the right plan for other business owners that are just trying to make ends meet in Surrey. – X Fail

In Summary

The 2020 budget is based on supporting the McCallum “Vanity Project” of a new police force. It takes money from taxpayers that should be invested in critical parts of Surrey that actually need improving.

This budget is hoping to make an additional $26M from Surrey taxpayers to an unneeded police force without improving Public Safety now;

It’s based on funding a new police force that the public clearly does not support.

To have your voice heard, attend the Public Hearing on Dec 2 at City hall and email

all of Council at [email protected]

Concerns on the Police transition

Minister Farnworth [email protected]

Wally Oppal [email protected]  

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