The Survey – Sept 6 – 9 2019

The Survey is below

Notice in Question 5. – 64% of Surrey residents support keeping the RCMP with a local police board. When McCallum says the people are telling him they want a new Surrey Police Force he clearly isn’t talking to everyone.

McCallum’s slim majority on council voted down the addition of 12 more police officers in the city’s 2019 budget, but they are ready to spend more money on a more expensive Surrey Police Force. (SPF)

There is no guarantee that the SPF will have more officers – or make Surrey safer. But there is a very real risk that the opposite will happen – especially during the first few years of the SPF.

A Positive Path Forward

If there are more tax dollars being spent it should be for more police officers working on the streets.

The logical course of action is to create an RCMP Police Board in and for Surrey, then use the additional funding for more officers now.

If that doesn’t work then explain to people what a Surrey Police Force will do better and define exactly how it will be more effective in increasing public safety.

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